How often should I have a Pest Control Treatment done?

The recommended re-treatment periods will depend upon the type of treatment, conditions at the property and personal preference. Please discuss this further with one of our trained Professional Pest Control Technicians at the time of treatment.

How safe are the chemicals for people and pets?

All the chemicals we use are assessed by the Federal Government for performance and safety and are registered to be used in hospitals, schools, public places, and food preparation areas including food exporters. Safety is our number one priority and we will always discuss any safety or health concerns you may have before starting a treatment.

Sometimes people who are sensitive to house dust may feel some discomfort after the technician has been in the roof void as this can increase dust levels. It is beneficial to this group to leave the premises for a short period.

Generally speaking the insecticides we use today have an excellent safety profile to people, dogs and cats. However, fish and other aquatic life can be very sensitive to insecticides, which is why we need to be careful spraying around fish tanks, ponds and waterways. Of course, being an insecticide, bees can also be effected by a pest treatment.

Rodenticides are very toxic to mammals and so we take extra precautions with any rodent treatment. We always use locked bait stations for our rodent baits and if children and pets are present we will take this into account in the design of the rodent control program. It may mean in certain circumstances that we need to use traps instead of baits.

Material Safety Data Sheets are available on the safety page

Is it safe to stay in my home whilst the treatment is being carried out?

For most treatments it is safe to remain at home whilst the treatment is being carried out, unless advised differently by the technician on the day. However, people and pets should be excluded from areas during spraying and until the treatment has dried.

The exception is if you are having a "Pestigas" treatment for your home, when it is necessary for you to vacate for at least 4 hours.

Is the treatment guaranteed?

Much as our treatments are tailored to individual customers, so our warranty periods will vary, depending on the pest services provided. The type of treatment, hygiene conditions and environmental factors all impact the duration of any warranty. Warranties will also depend on the customer carrying out any actions recommended by our pest technicians to reduce the pest pressure and prevent future infestations. However, we know from the feedback from our many happy customers that "satisfaction is guaranteed"!

What do I need to do prior to the Pest Control Technician arriving?

For pest treatments and termite inspections, all areas to be treated should allow good access and be clear of obstacles.

  • Perimeter of the building - at least a 2m gap
  • Garage - cars out of garage and ideally stored goods allowing access to the walls
  • Roof void / sub-floor - Clear access points and areas should be clear of stored goods to allow a complete inspection / treatment

For pest treatments

  • Windows should be closed
  • Washing needs to be removed from line
  • Fish tanks / fish ponds need to be covered (please advise when booking)
  • Neighbours should also be aware that you are having a pest treatment. If the boundary fence is near the treatment area, they may also need to close windows, remove clothing from line, restrain pets and cover any fish ponds

Dogs / Cats should be restrained and kept clear of inspection / treatment areas