Termite protection for new homes and renovations

With new homes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, it makes sense to have the best termite system installed to protect your investment. Deciding on how your new home or renovation is going to be protected from termites is an important part of the planning process - all options should be considered before starting work. So get expert information – it's worth discussing your options with a termite professional as well as your builder and Haynes Pest Management are here to help.

Remember it is not just home builders who need to consider termite protection, but those carrying out renovations, extensions and even landscaping need to consider termite protection - many a termite attack has occurred through poorly constructed decks, paths / driveways and garden beds.

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More information on termite protection systems coming soon...

(Note: All systems are designed to prevent concealed termite attack. No system can 100% guarantee that termites won't attack your property, as theoretically termites could build a trail around any barrier. However, the combination of termite management system and regular termite inspections does allow manufacturers to provide warranties which give you that complete peace of mind).

Should I listen to my builder or Haynes Pest Management?

Some builders provide homeowners with great advice on termite management options but some builders are not as knowledgeable or try to get away with the cheapest options to make more profit. At Haynes we always recommend that homeowners should consult with a professional termite company (like Haynes!) as well as their builder at the start of the project. The homeowner then gets the best advice and can make an informed decision on what termite management system they want to incorporate into their new building. When you are spending hundreds of thousands on a new home, it pays to get the best advice and sometimes pay a little more to protect your investment.