The highest priority in carrying out any pest control or termite treatment is safety – safety for your family and pets, safety for the environment and safety for our technicians. Before carrying out any treatment, we carry out a risk assessment to make sure we can carry out our services in safe manner.

We will always discuss the treatment with you before application so you are aware of any particular instructions (eg. keeping pets out of the treatment area during application). This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and inform our pest technician of any issues they should know about. If you have any particular product requests or concerns, please let us know.

Product information

We only use products registered by the government regulatory authority (APVMA), that can be safely used around homes and businesses. For product and safety information on some of the products we use, please click on the links below.  Others supplied upon request to office.

Ant and cockroach baits

Insecticide sprays


Rodent baits

Termite products