When it comes to protecting your property from termites, you don't want to take any chances. If a termite attack goes unnoticed, damage costing $10,000 and more is not uncommon and sometimes the home is so badly damaged it has to be knocked down and re-built! With a termite attack more likely than house fire, flood and other natural disaster combined, as termite damage is not covered by your home insurance, a termite management plan is a must for all home owners.

Haynes Pest Management provides the complete range of termite services. Whether you own your home / property, are considering a purchase or looking to build or renovate, taking actions to prevent a potential termite attack is vital to protect your investment.

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Termite inspections

Termite inspections are a "health check" on your home - something you should do at least once a year. We check for termite activity, termite damage and termite conducive conditions around your home. Learn more...

Termite treatments

Termites attacking your home can be a very emotional experience. Don't panic! We have had years of experience dealing with all types of termite problems. We'll explain all your options and get rid of the termites as quickly as possible to set you at ease. Learn more...

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Pre-purchase pest inspections

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you will make. So it makes sense you are buying a property that is free from termites and other timber pests. Skipping the pre-purchase pest inspection can be a very expensive mistake. Learn more...


Pre-construction treatments

Whether you're building a home or extension, carrying out renovations or even doing landscaping next to the house, its a good idea to get expert termite advice before starting your project. Learn how Haynes Pest Management can help protect you biggest investment...

Haynes Pest Management has over 25 year of experience in all aspects of termite management (inspections, treatment and pre-construction), so you can trust you are getting the expert in termite management.