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If you think you have termites attacking your property you probably don't want to do too much reading, so call our Termite hotline straight away and we will come around as soon as possible.

If you are considering Haynes Pest Management for your regular termite inspection, read on to find out what we can offer...

Termite inspections
- good for your home, good for your peace of mind

With the chances of termites attacking your home more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined, it's wise to get a regular termite inspection. Australian Standards recommend you should have a termite inspection at least once a year and more often in areas of high termite pressure. Not only do the inspections check to see whether termites are attacking your property or are present in your yard, but they also identify issues around the property that need to be remedied to make it less attractive to termites.

Our experienced termite inspectors have a nose for termites. We take our time to go through every room and inspect all the timbers in the roof void and sub-floor. If termites are around, they'll find them. Paying particular attention to conditions or issues around the home that would make a future termite attack more likely is a key part of the inspection. Acting on recommendations in this area will significantly reduce the chance of a termite attack. Our inspectors all use sensitive moisture meters, not only can these be used to detect potential activity behind walls, but they are vital for detecting leaks and moisture issues in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry. With most termite entry points at a site of increased moisture, spotting such areas is a focus of termite inspections.

Whilst termite inspections give you a snapshot on the termite activity around your property, by themselves they do not stop a termite attack. To prevent future termite attacks is necessary to install a termite management system. Our inspector will be happy to make a recommendation and supply a quote as part of the report.

Haynes Pest Management - Our Comprehensive Termite Inspection

  • Inspection inside, outside, roof void, sub-floor, garage and yard
  • Use of moisture meter to detect leaks or areas of moisture behind walls
  • Sounding wood to check for termite activity / wood decay
  • Post-inspection discussion of findings, advice on options for termite treatments & protection
  • Comprehensive 20+ page report with photographs and recommendations

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When comparing termite inspection services, check how long companies estimate the inspection will take. A thorough inspection will take time to inspect all parts of the property in turn. A complete termite inspection can sometimes take up to 2 hours or more, depending on the size of the property, construction type and issues that may be found. For a standard 3/4 bedroom house on a concrete slab, you should be concerned if the inspector has completed the inspection in less than an hour. If you want the feeling of security that a proper termite inspection can provide, contact Haynes Pest Management to book your next termite inspection.

Many of our regulars save money by combining their annual termite inspection and pest treatment in a single visit. Call our office to get quote.