If your home is under termite attack or you suspect a termite attack it can be an anxious time. Although you understandably want the termites gone as quickly as possible, it's important not to panic!

Haynes Termite Hotline

There are 3 don'ts and 1 do, if you suspect a termite attack


  • touch the termites
  • spray them with insecticide
  • break open any of their mud tubes


  • Give Haynes Pest Management a call

We will come around as soon as possible to put you at ease. We'll inspect the problem and take you through your options. Haynes Pest Management have over 25 years experience in dealing with termites, so you're in safe hands.

The termite treatment process

At Haynes Pest Management we carry out all treatments to Australian standards. There are a number of steps to our professional termite treatment process

1) Carry out a complete termite inspection. This is important to determine the species, the scale of the damage, the termite entry points to the building and whether there were any particular conditions that made the property more susceptible to a termite attack. Sometimes we may carry out the inspection after Step 2, but before starting any treatment.

2) Provide a termite treatment proposal. After we have discussed options with you, we provide a written treatment proposal before starting work.

3) Eliminate active termites from the property. This may take as little as a week through to several months. The time taken to control the termites depends on the species, the scale of the attack and the products used. Be assured we will recommend and use the best products for the situation to get the fastest result.

4) Carry out an all clear inspection. Once it looks like we have eliminated the termites it is important to carry out a thorough inspection of the whole property to confirm the building is clear of termites

5) Any conditions around the home that are conducive to termite attack need to be remedied

6) Install a termite management system to provide protection from future termite attack. Although step 3 eliminates termites from the building it is often not possible to confirm the nest has been destroyed and there may be other nests in the area. Both scenarios mean that without a termite management system in place, your home is susceptible to another termite attack.

The termite products we use

Elimination of active termites

To eliminate active termites, there are a variety of treatments that can be used depending on the species and situation. We will always attempt to find the nest by drilling trees. If we find the nest, we will inject the nest directly with insecticide. However, it is perhaps more common for us to carry out a treatment on the active termites in the building. We would use insecticide foams or dusts to treat areas of activity or use a termite bait to destroy the colony (as well as eliminate termites from the building).

Foams and dusts are good at eliminating termites from the building but they generally don't kill the nest, meaning the termites could return. Even if we use a termite bait to destroy the nest, there could be other termite nests in the area waiting to attack your home. For these reasons, it is vital that a termite management system be installed around the building to prevent concealed termite attack.

There are two types of termite management systems; liquid termiticide soil treatments and termite baiting systems.

Termite treatments - soil treatments

Digging a trench around the house before treating the soil

Digging a trench around the house before treating the soil

Liquid soil treatments involve mixing insecticide into the soil around the complete perimeter of any building to be protected. This creates a treated zone which termites cannot pass through. Such treated zones dramatically reduce the chance of a termite attack. However, as with all systems, you cannot guarantee 100% protection. Termite systems are designed to prevent concealed termite attack. This means for termites to get into your house they have to build around the termite system (eg. build a mud tube over the top of the treated zone). But if they do, they can be seen and dealt with.

This is one of the reasons that homeowners still need annual termite inspections even with a termite system in place and indeed is a condition for any warranties.

What products do you use?

Termite treatments - baiting systems

Sometimes due to construction design, soil type or owner request, termite baiting systems are used instead of liquid termiticide soil treatments. Termite baiting systems consist of plastic bait stations containing wood, which are placed in the ground around the building. Any termites in the area are attracted to the bait stations before getting to your house. This activity is picked up by our termite professionals during one of their regular system inspections (at least 4 per year). If they do find active termites, an attractive termite bait containing a slow acting insecticide is added to the bait station. Termites feed on the bait taking it back to the nest where it is fed to the queen and nest mates. Over the period of several weeks / months, the nest is eliminated. Learn more...